Voorhees Dry Cleaning

Have you been avoiding that needed trip to the dry cleaners, only to have garments pile up next to the laundry hamper or in the trunk of your car? Do your days consist of shuttling busy children, running a bustling practice, or meeting with clients, leaving little time and no desire for one more errand? Simplify life with George’s Dry Cleaning. Schedule a pick-up for orders large or small, and allow us to cross “dry cleaning” off your list. Dirty garments are picked up at your home or office and returned cleaned, pressed and ready for wear, all at no additional cost to you!

Check out this testimonial to see how George’s Dry Cleaning helps a local, busy mom take back more time in her week:

George’s automated call comes in the day before.  I selected yes from the easy to use prompts and he showed the next day and collected my items. Excellent service.  His call comes in every Sunday for my Monday pick up as a reminder.  As long as I select ‘I have items’ then he always shows the next day.  My items are cleaned and returned the following week.  Much easier than having to take it to a place, drag the kids in to drop it off and then back again to pick it up.  And if I miss his call then I can call him and he will still come and get the items!


George built his business 21 years ago, knowing firsthand how important convenience, quality, and affordability were for his family of eight. This need remains the same for families today, and we at George’s Dry Cleaning have developed a simple system for ensuring your needs are met:

  • Place your dirty garments into a specially provided garment bag
  • Arrange your services by calling 856-488-0557 or click this link to schedule a pick up.
  • Leave your garments for pick up on the arranged day, there is no need to be at home for pick up or delivery.

Imagine life with one less errand, one less item on the to-do list, and one less frantic trip to beat closing time at your local dry cleaner. From shirts to coats to comforters, no job is too small or too large for George’s Dry Cleaning to pick up. Contact us to arrange for pick up and begin enjoying the convenience of true, customer-centered service.

George will pick up Monday through Friday from 8am-9pm. Call or click today to get started.