Mount Laurel Dry Cleaning

Is dry cleaning taking up unnecessary space on your to-do list and your laundry room floor? Over 21 years ago, George of George’s Dry Cleaning began his business with the goal of delivering convenient, affordable pick-up and delivery dry cleaning services to Mount. Laurel families. Today, we are the premier service of its kind in the Mt. Laurel area, and our clients enjoy worry-free pick up from their home or office, at no additional cost. That’s right, save the gas money spent on running your own clothes to the cleaners, because we at George’s Dry Cleaning provide our customers this convenience for free!

If you’re not using George’s Dry Cleaning you’re paying too much and wasting your time! Would you drive across town to pay more for a tank of gas? Of course not! But that’s what you’re doing if you’re not using his service. I thought that he was going to be expensive but it’s actually cheaper than going to the dry cleaner near me! It saves time for my wife and I and anything that can make our lives less hectic is a good thing. Call George and schedule a pick-up and you’ll be a believer too!


Satisfied clients in Mount Laurel and the surrounding areas have been simplifying their lives with his easy-to-use system.

Eliminate the piles. Customers are supplied with their own personal garment bag to store dirty items awaiting pick up.

Keep scheduling simple. Call 856-488-0557 to arrange for service, or click this link to schedule a pickup. Schedule a single pick-up as needed, or request a reminder call for repeat services.

Leave it out and let us take care of the rest. Leave your garment bag in a secure, accessible location and rest assured it will be picked up and returned to you cleaned, pressed, and ready to wear. There is no need to be home for pick-up or delivery.

Give George’s Dry Cleaning a call and give yourself and your family the gift of more time and less hassle. We pick up between 8am and 9pm Monday through Friday, and are ready to serve you. Call or click to schedule, today.