Cherry Hill Dry Cleaning

Created with the busy person in mind, George’s Dry Cleaning provides premier pick-up and delivery dry cleaning services to Cherry Hill residents. Whether you juggle the needs of a growing family or spend hours each day at the office (or both!), George’s free services help you wisely budget your most important resource – your time.

That’s right, this service is absolutely free! 21 years ago, George built his business with the simple goal of providing convenient home or office pickup to his dry cleaning customers at no additional cost. Today, our clients still reap the benefits of George’s experience and dedication to quality. Garments are expertly dry cleaned and returned at no extra charge to you. Arranging for service is as simple as a calling 856-488-0557, or clicking this link to schedule a pick up. Customers receive a personal garment bag to keep their dirty clothing in, in preparation for pickup, and do not need to be present for pickup or delivery of their dry cleaning. It’s as simple as that! Save the cost of gas on a trip you don’t need to take, and finally clean out the dirty clothes taking up space in the trunk of your car and the corners of your bedroom.

It is no surprise that Cherry Hill residents appreciate George’s attention to detail and the convenience that his service brings.

George, your dry cleaning service is the best ever. I am never home and all I do is leave my dirty bag of clothes out by the door and they come back perfectly cleaned and pressed. Having my dry cleaning picked up and delivered is a great time saver and a pleasure. Thank you, George.

Pat, your Cherry Hill neighbor

Imagine life with one less errand, one less thing to remember, and one less last-minute trip to the dry cleaners to beat closing time. There is no job too large or small for George’s Dry Cleaning to pick up. Contact us today to arrange pick up for any Monday through Friday between 8am and 9pm, and experience true, customer-centered convenience.